CSP-Conlutas: A Rank-and-File based organization 

img_3047-2A Rank-and-fíle based organizationIn order to develop a militant, working class oriented and socialist intervention, we must overcome one of the major obstacles in the labor movement today: the lack of union organization in the workplaces, and member involvement at the shopfloor level. Without building a base with rank-and-file activists, through democratic methods, our unions will not be able to fight back the current attacks.

There are objective difficulties to do so, such as employer’s repression and the firing of activists, as well as subjective ones such as lack of political understanding about the need for a grassroots and rank-and-file led organization.

This task should be understood as a permanent priority for the Federation which shall carry out specific policies for the organization of eledfons of union reps or stewards by the members, acitve workplace committees to involve the rank-and-file in campaigns, Cipas (Safety and Health Committees); and whenver is needed clandestine grassroots groups, trade union oppositions caucuses.

In Brazil, this core principle of our strategy also requires a broader national fight: a political campaign for job security (adoption of ILO 158 Convention on Termination of Employment), and for the right to conduct union organizing inside workplaces (OLT in Portuguese). If we do not protect and improve our union and labor rights, activists will continue to be fired.


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