Letter for Boeing workers of South Carolina

My name is Herbert Claros. I build airplanes for Embraer in São Jose dos Campos, Brazil. I am also the Vice President of the Metalworkers’ Union here.

We’re aerospace workers, just like you. And just like you, we’re proud of the work we do. The union has made life betterfor us.

Aerospace companies around the world like Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier and Embraer try take away the rights of workers for increase their profits. We know that for the past two years, Boeing disregarded the rights of workers and kept wages well below those of workers of other plants.

The right to organize is a basic principle for ensure a decent life for workers and their families. I want you to know that more than seventeen thousand aerospace workers in Brazil have your back.

On February 15, you and your families have the opportunity to vote yes to collectively bargain for the changes that are important to you: respect, wages and consistency. That means a fixed schedule, more time with your family and reliable raises that you can plan your future around.

A union will give you power in the workplace. It will give you a voice. It will make sure you get what you deserve!

Stand up to Boeing’s anti-union lies. Stand up for yourself!

Vote YES on February 15!

International solidarity



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