Millions of People on the Streets Against Trump Around the World!


The very same day of Trump’s inauguration there were demonstrations -that were hardly repressed- in Washington and other U.S. cities, as in Latin American and European countries. The slogan “He is not my president” echoed on the streets as a sign of the situation of social polarization and political crisis affecting the U.S. as hardly seen before.

Less than one day after the inauguration, only in Washington more than half million people were part of the so called “Women’s March” against the new government.

According to the organizers, the call gathered more than 3 million people around the country (New York, Chicago, Boston, Atlanta) and other cities in the world (Berlin, London, Sidney, Roma, Vienna, Amsterdam, etc.). In the British capital there were more than 100.000 people. There were also protests in Latin American and African cities. Among the main flags raised it stands out the one for respect to women, Black, immigrants and civil rights in general.

Trump, who does not conceal the ugly face of imperialism, starts his term being highly repudiated, something that is very positive. The new boss of the main world power will try to implement his domination plans but the mass movement shows disposal to struggle to confront these measures.

Donald Trump will not have truce to implement imperialist plans without resistance. Anti-imperialist struggles shows new strength.

Let’s stay on the streets against Trump!

By International Workers League


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