Embraer workers approve furlough program

Embraer metalworkers approved in a meeting, this Tuesday (Dec. 20), the proposed furlough program presented by the company. There will be 1,080 workers who will have their contracts suspended, in a rotation system, over two years.

The furlough will be done by groups and will reach only the production staff. From the Commercial Aviation area there will be 600 workers divided into 12 groups of 50. From the Executives Jets assembly area there will be 480 employees divided into eight groups of 60. Each group should stay at home for up to five months.

During this period, the federal government will pay a grant in the amount of R$ 1,573 to each worker who is on furlough. The difference between this grant and the employee’s salary will be under the responsibility of Embraer, guaranteeing the integral income to the employees. All employees will also be entitled to the Christmas Bonus, Profit Sharing (PLR) and the salary adjustments established in the Collective Agreement.

All workers coming into furlough will have job security for as long as they remain on the suspended contract and another three months after returning to the plant. The program is expected to begin in January, 2017.

Initially, the company had said it would put 2,000 employees on furlough. This figure was reduced to 1,080 employees after negotiations with the Metalworkers’ Union of São José dos Campos (affiliated to CSP-Conlutas).

“Over the past year, Embraer has been involved in corruption and attempted to throw the bill on the workers’ backs, with layoffs and flattened wages. This furlough is another way that the company resorts to in order to save money. However the Union will demand the federal government to take a stronger attitude against Embraer’s policy and guarantee job stability for all”, says the Union vice president Herbert Claros da Silva.

Workers also vote for being ready for mobilization

In today’s meeting, December 20, 2016, the Union spoke with workers about the challenges of 2017 and the need to mobilize against all attacks planned by the federal government, especially the Labor and Social Security Reforms. Herbert Claros also stressed the need to continue the struggle for rights and reduction in the working hours at Embraer. In the end, the workers approved a state of mobilization against the attacks of both, the government and Embraer.



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