Campaign for the workers rights in Embraer – US

76The Union is going to participate in an international campaign in defense of the right to unionize at Embraer in the US.

The vice president of the Metalworkers Union, Herbert Claros, attended the Congress and became acquainted with the reality experienced by the American comrades. The event was organized by the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers.

There were about 2,000 participating delegates, including employees of Boeing, Bombardier, Cessna and Spirit. The only unionized worker of Embraer present at the Congress was Herbert.

The lack of representation of Embraer’s workers has an explanation. At the plants in USA, the company imposes all sorts of obstacles to prevent the rapprochement between workers and trade unions. In practice, this means a ban on the unionization.

Our Union is going to incorporate to this campaign so that workers of Embraer in the United States may have the free right to unionize. The US law guarantees only the minimum labor rights, so it is very important the union activity aimed at enlarging workers rights.

Layoffs in Brazil

The trip to the United States is part of the Trade Union initiatives in defense of jobs and the workers’ rights.

In the Congress, was distributed pamphlets denouncing the PDV (Voluntary Dismissal Plan) put into practice by Embraer in Brazil. The topic was also discussed at a meeting between Herbert and the IAM leaders who expressed solidarity with the struggle of Brazilian aerospace workers.

I had the opportunity to publicize the attacks that Embraer has been doing in Brazil. International solidarity strengthens the struggle of the working class.

As an international representative of the CSP-Conlutas, I also visited the teachers’ union and the autoworkers’ union of Ford in Chicago.



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