Brazilians protest in Rio ahead Olympic Games

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The protest was against corruption and overspending on the Olympic Games, which are taking place during Brazil’s worst economic downturn in decades.

About 15,000 people occupied the busy avenue running along Copacabana beach. Most people came to vent anger at center-right interim president Michel Temer.

Temer’s government has only threatened about the pension and labor reforms. But as soon as the impeachment process is over, after the Senate’s definitive vote, there are no doubts he will come over the workers with all his strengths. It is a demand of the bankers and the big companies, conditioning their support to the government.

Demonstrators also targeted the Olympics, saying the billions of dollars spent on staging South America’s first Games fueled corruption and only helped the elite.

Waving signs that read “No to the Olympics!” and “Temer out! Out With All Of Them! protesters gathered outside the luxury Copacabana Palace Hotel where many Olympic team members are staying.



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