Dilma is out ! Let’s take the streets to kick out Temer and all of them!

The Senate approved on Thursday (12) the request to open the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff (PT), by a score of 55 votes in favor and 22 against. With the departure of Dilma up to 180 days, Vicepresident Michel Temer (PMDB) temporarily assumes to conduct the country and he’s already preparing a series of attacks on workers.

Within that period, the senate will hear the case against PT, now under President’s command of the Supreme Court (Supreme Court), Ricardo Lewandowski.

If convicted, Dilma will be definitely out of office and lose her political rights for eight years.In this case, Temer will remain in office until the end of 2018. If cleared, Dilma will be back to preside over the country.

The removal of Dilma, who had been hitting record disapproval among Brazilians, is a humiliating defeat for the PT government.

In power, the party opted to rule in favor of big business and bankers and turned their back on the working class.

Temer attacks
The workers cannot feed hopes for the Temer government. In his program “A bridge to the future”, the PMDB’s new president has a number of measures that attack historical rights in the name of “recovery of the country’s credibility.”

Preparing the ground for further reform in the rules for retirement, Temer will house the Social Security within the Ministry of Finance, which will be under the banker Henrique Meirelles command. Among the objectives of pension reform, are raising the minimum retirement age and cutting the amount of benefits and pensions, including the possibility that smaller amounts are paid than the minimum wage.

The labor reform is also on the PMDB’s priority list. The intention is to advance the proposal negotiated between unions and employers prevail on the labor law, which paves the way for withdrawal of rights.

They are also planned budget cuts in health and education, and a series of privatizations.

Remember that many of these attacks were already being implemented by the Dilma government.

Ministry of bosses

The face of the new ministry also signals what Michel Temer will bring: big business, bankers and agro-business. Names chosen, by the way, after a grand bargain involving positions and buying support in Congress. In addition, the ministry’s interim president doesn’t have even one woman.

Another negative highlight in the ministerial team is Alexandre de Moraes, the new head of the Ministry of Justice and Citizenship. Moraes is Secretary of Public Security of São Paulo. At the command of the Police State Military, Moraes has a brutality history and disregard for social movements.

Dirty Record

A worn out Michel Temer is taking over the Presidency, with 66% of Brazilians wanting his departure, according to opinion polls conducted recently. His vicepresidency is nothing more than a presentation card in the government: his name is involved in “Lava Jato” corruption case that has been condemned by the TRE (Regional Electoral Court) of São Paulo for making campaign donations above the limit permitted by law.

His ministers don’t have clean records either. Several of them have their names involved in corruption scandals, as Eliseu Padilha (scandal precatórios), José Serra (São Paulo Metro) and Geddel Vieira Lima and Henrique Alves (Operation Lava Jet).

It is clear, therefore, that the Temer government will have no commitment to combating corruption.Working people should have no illusions in the Temer government , and instead should strengthen the fight for general elections!


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